What Can You Do To Speed Up A Bail Bond Process?

Getting arrested can be frustrating and humiliating. If you're like most people, the first thing you'll want to know is how to get out of jail as soon as possible. The good news is, you don't need to figure it all out alone. A bail bond agency can help you get back to your life before your trial date.  

Below are a few tips you can apply to speed up your bail bond process.  

Choose The Right Bail Bond Agency

The longer you stay in jail, the more you miss out on school, work, and essential responsibilities. If you want to get back to your life faster, work with an agency that operates 24 hours a day. They don't wait for business hours to process your release. They start working on it as soon you call them.

Also, choose a bail bonds agency located near you. An agency that operates nationwide may take longer to process your release. But, one that specifically operates in your area may have fewer clients, which allows them to work on your case faster.

Besides being available 24 hours a day, the bail bond agency you pick should be easily reachable. Collect calls allow for convenient communication between you and the agency. You can make inquiries or follow up on the bail process while still in jail. This way, you'll be in on the loop in case anything changes during this period.

Some bail bond agencies make 3-way calls for their clients. They connect you, your loved one, and the bail bonds office. This easy communication can help expedite your release process. 

Get Yourself a Cosigner 

A cosigner plays an essential role in your bail bond process.  If you're not in a position to pay for your bond fees, your cosigner can pay it for you. 

A cosigner helps you gather the documents necessary for your release. While agencies differ, most of them require the following documents to post bail:

  • Government-issued identification
  • A record with a house address to prove your residency
  • Proof of income (could be a recent paycheck or pay stub)

Your cosigner can handle all your paperwork from the comfort of their own home. In fact, most bail bond agencies allow you to send documents via fax or email. This way, very little time is spent processing your bail payment.

Speak to a licensed bondsman today if you have any concerns about your release.