Various Loan Types For Buying Real Estate

If you would like to buy some real estate but need a loan, you might wonder what type of loan to pursue. The answer to this question depends on the type of real estate you want to purchase. Lenders offer many loan types for real estate purchases, but each type is for a different type of purchase. Here are some of the different types of real estate loan lending you can pursue when you want to purchase real estate.

Traditional Mortgage

The first type of real estate loan you can get is a traditional mortgage. A mortgage is something that lenders offer to people who want to buy homes where they will live. You can get a mortgage loan for a first house or a second home. When you get a mortgage, you can choose from many loan programs, options, and durations. The lender will base the loan decision on your credit, finances, and the value of the home you want to purchase.

Commercial Loans

The next type of lending is for commercial property. If you want to buy any type of commercial building or land, you may need to apply for a commercial loan. Some lenders do not offer these types of loans, but others do. Commercial loan lenders base the decision on many things, too, including the property value.

Rehab Loans

A rehab loan is a unique loan type that some lenders offer to people who want to flip properties. If you want to purchase run-down homes, you might want to fix them up to rent out or sell. If you want to do this to properties, you might need to look for a lender that offers rehab loans. You can choose from different types of rehab loans, including fix and flip loans.

Second Mortgage Loans

You can also apply for another loan type, which is a second mortgage. Suppose you need some cash out of the equity in your home. If you want to access this cash without refinancing your existing loan, you could talk to a lender about applying for a second mortgage. Getting a second mortgage is the best way to acquire some extra cash when you need it.

As you can see here, lenders offer various types of real estate loans. Each type serves a different purpose. If you would like to buy some real estate, you can pursue the right type of loan for your purchase by comparing these options.