Things You Should Know About Bail

After being charged with a crime, you will need to prepare to mount a defense against these charges. Unfortunately, individuals that have been arrested may find this far more difficult to do. Bail is designed to help individuals charged with a crime to leave jail so that they can prepare a defense and minimize the disruptions until their trial is completed. Despite it being an integral aspect of the criminal justice system, there are several things about it that individuals often do not know until they are charged with a crime.

Bail Can Be Denied

It is important to realize that bail can be denied by the judge overseeing your case. Generally, this will only be done when the defendant is a risk to the safety of others or likely to flee before their trial can be completed. The rules for denying bail will be determined by the laws of the state where the crime occurred. In some instances, it may be possible to appeal the denial of the bail, but you will likely need an attorney to be successful in this appeal.

You May Not Have To Pay The Full Bail Amount

Individuals that are charged with crimes may be surprised to learn the amount of money that is being demanded for bail. Not surprisingly, there can be an intense concern about coming up with this sizable amount of money. Luckily, there are bonding services that can help you with this. Rather than paying for the entire bail, these services will issue a bond to the jail for the amount of the bail in exchange for a fee that is often a fraction of the total bail. When using a bail bonding service, you will need to provide collateral so that the bond can be secured in the event that the defendant absconds.

Committing Another Crime Is Not The Only Reason For Having Bail Revoked

In addition to posting the amount of money for the bail, it will also be necessary for you to agree to the conditions that were set by the judge. Violating these conditions can result in the bail being revoked. If this occurs, you will be taken back into custody, and it is extremely unlikely that you will be given another chance to post bail. For those with any questions about these terms, it is important to speak with an attorney so that they will fully understand the terms of the bail. Otherwise, it may be easy to accidentally violate these conditions.

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